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  • Don’t Fear the Latest Job Cuts in the Tech Industry

    FOXBusiness.com‘s Victoria Craig explains how the ever-changing nature of the tech sector is impacting employment: Silicon Valley is booming, but its growth comes with a price. Kalina … [visit site to read more]

  • FOX News Poll: Without Third Parties, Clinton Pulls Ahead of Trump

    The latest FOX News poll is in and Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump, but only by a bit. FOX’s Jessica Rosenthal reports it was taken after the debate: Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump 43 to 40 percent in the latest … [visit site to read more]

  • Kentucky Daycare Hits Children Before Handing Out Snack

    A daycare center in Kentucky is under investigation. FOX’s Chris Foster reports: Two workers at New Creation Childcare in Lexington, Kentucky, are accused in an “office of inspector general” report, of playing something called “smack for … [visit site to read more]

  • Former Miss Universe a Hot Topic Amongst Presidential Candidates

    Republican Donald Trump posted several pre-dawn tweets, hitting Democrat Hillary Clinton for unearthing former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. FOX’s Rachel Sutherland reports from Washington: Trump posted … [visit site to read more]

  • The Keys to a Successful & Long Lasting Relationship

    You’ve got the person of your dreams, but what do you have to do to keep them around forever? FOX’s Ashley Papa has this week’s “FOX on Love”: Relationships are like recipes without the right ingredients, you’re left with a big mess with a … [visit site to read more]